Flyline 110 Volt Stabilizer


Murickens Group an ISO certified company introduces two trade brand name MG and Flyline products with the aim of power saving, maintains free, competitive price and to save power of state by introducing/promoting solar based home appliances and lights. Commonly we use Offline and Online UPS and now a days peoples are thinking about solar ups. Murickens are very popular in kerala real estate market. We help peoples to buy and sell their properties.

Flyline 110 Volt Stabilizer

Many countries use Electrical/Electronic equipments which operate at 110V but India we use a Standard Voltage of 240V, which is harmful to use. So Muricken's Group have been manufacturing and marketing in Kerala, different capacities of 110V Step Down Transformers with automatic voltage stabilizer with various advanced features. This device is used for the supply of power, in terms of Voltage, for fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners and pressing irons etc.

” Some of the imported electronic equipments work at 110V. But in India or kerala standard electric supply is 240V. For users of electronic/electric items brought from America and European countries are unusable in this country. Flyline step down transformer solve this problem very successfully. Mainly the kerala Voltage reducing device is used for fridges washing machines microwave ovens, air conditioners and pressing Irons etc.” A “Flyline step-down transformer" allows a device that requires low voltage power supply to operate from a higher voltage. The transformer takes the high voltage at a low current and puts out a low voltage at a high current.

What is a step down transformer?

A step-down transformer is a device, that its secondary voltage is less than the primary voltage. The step down transformer is designed to reduce the voltage from the primary winding to the secondary winding. This kind of transformer "steps down" the voltage applied to it. There are many uses for step-down transformer .The larger devices are used in electric power systems and the smaller units in electronic devices. Industrial and residential power transformers that operate at the line frequency (60 Hz in the U.S., and 50Hz in much parts of Europe and South America),

There are two types of step down transformers:- with AVR and without AVR


► The best way to get 110 Volt from Indian standard variable volt of 240 .► Act as a guard for 110 volt imported home appliance and electronic equipments. ► Maintains the quality ISO 9001- 2015 ► High / low voltage protection. ► Protection from lightening. ► Maintenance free. ► Low power consumption. ► Compact in size. ► It can be carried from one place to another place. ► No noise or hissing sound. ► Output voltage 90 to 120V for inputs 160V to 270V. ► Frequency 47Hz to 53Hz


Sl.No. Parameter

Standard Single Phase

1 Rating 1 KVA to 5 KVA
2 Input Voltage Range 210 to 240
3 AVR nil
4 AVR from nil
5 Nominal Output Voltage 90V to 120V
6 Output Voltage Accuracy Depended on input volt
7 Switch On -off control
8 Efficiency 97%
9 Protection Lightning, over volt, low volt
10 Winding Copper winded
11 Waveform Pure Sine Wave
12 Mounting Free

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